Maker's Book Review
The mostly true Adventure of Homer P. Fig
During the United States Civil War, Homer and Harold Fig are forced to live with their wretched uncle after their parent’s death. Homers uncle sold Harold to the army so Homer made a plan to run away and find his brother. Homer is full confidence to find his brother. When he starts out, he meets two spies from the South. The spies force Homer to help them find out where slaves are hidden. Thanks to being a traitor for his country, Homer is able find clues about his brother. Read this magnificent book to find out if Homer P. Fig ever finds his brother Harold.

This story is about four orphaned children, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny, who create a home for themselves in an abandoned boxcar. They fear their legal guardian, their grandfather, is cruel. They enjoy their freedom but find their lifestyle has many problems and is not a long-term solution. They eventually meet their grandfather, James Alden, who is a kind and wealthy man. The children agree to live with him. James moves the beloved boxcar to his backyard, so the children can use it as a playhouse. In the subsequent books, the children encounter many adventures and mysteries in their neighborhood and at the locations they visit with James.

Shredder Man
by Wendelin Van Draanen Shredder man [A.K.A. Nolan] is fighting a bully that is meaner than a starving shark. Nolan and his schoolmates spend their school days like being in a boxing ring with Bubba the bully. Read this book to find out how Nolan goes from a poor defenseless kid to a super hero with his super powers.
Hank Zipzer in Niagara Falls or Does it
By Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Hank Zipzer is not your average 4th grader in this book he goes from being a big bored boy who lack of confidence. This all changes when he becomes the head magician in the magic show with his friend. He gets in to trouble with his teacher, principal and parents for being too creative and building a living essay. Read this book to find out what happens to the living essay.

BY Andrew Clements
Nichols Allen is a creative boy in the book Frindle and he decides to put some pizzazz into his life. At school, Nicholas makes a new word and it changes his life forever. If his teacher Mrs. Granger didn’t get so mad at Nichols his word probably wouldn’t, spread all over the Town, State, Country or World. Read this book to find out how an 11 year old boy makes a new word and new personality.

By The Shores of Silver Lake
By Laura Ingalls wilder

The Ingalls family had it bad in Plum Creek, Minnesota with debt mounting and Mary the oldest child being blind. They decided to move to a railroad camp in Dakota Territory and to be the first settlers in a new town. Follow the exciting life of Laura Ingalls and her family’s conquest in silver lake.