Liam's Book Review
The Seven Professors of the Far North
by John Fardwell
This thrilling adventure takes three children on a ride of a life time from the arctic to a secret underground railway from the cockpit of a submarine to the sidecar of a motorcycle. It all begins when Professor Amsterdam is kidnapped by an old colleague. Sam, Ben, and Zara are forced to rescue their uncle and save the world from Professor Murdo’s evil plot!

Gregor the Overlander
by Susanne Collins
In this tale of misfortune and glory, a twelve year old boy and his baby sister Boots falls into a world of chaos and turmoil. In this thriller of a story, Gregor the Warrior flies on a bat, jumps off a cliff and fights rats and spiders all to save his farther who disappeared many years ago. It all amounts to one thing that will change his life forever.

By Liam McEnany

The Big One Oh
In the town of Waterville it seems nothing will ever happen to the friendless Charley Maplewood but those days are over after he hits the Big One Oh. Disaster start coming like a freight train. While he plans his house of horrors birthday party, he accidently burns down his garage. Then some trouble makers show up at the party and the whole house gets turned upside down. Just when Charley thinks it’s over a miracle appears fully suited in horror and the air gets heavy with scare. Read the book to find out how this disaster dissolves.

Rangers apprentice
By John Flanagan
This book is about a boy named Will who you will follow on an adventure to defeat the advancing armies of Mograrth an evil king who leaves destruction a trail of destruction in his path .with the help of many friends including a small pony named Tug will will take you on a journey that you will never forget read this book and find out how Wills quest will conclude.

The Book of Lies by James Moloney
In this unforgettable novel you will follow three friends on an adventure that will draw you into a twisty plot that will keep you guessing. This book is about an extraordinary 12 year old boy named Marcel that will set out on a quest to find his true past. Accompanied by many friends including a tattered horse named gadfly and many malevolent characters Marcel will teach you a lesson you will remember until the day you die. And that’s not a lie.