Jack's Book Review
(all work is student edited)

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
In Hoot By Carl Hiaasen you will find Roy Eberhardt move to Florida for his dad’s job. But when his first day of school came by he had a rude wakeup call by a fat and stupid kid named Dana Mattherson. While Roy was getting his head smudge in to the window he saw a boy, Mullet Fingers, with a Miami Heat jersey on and no shoes. Together Mullet Fingers and Dana Matherson changed Roy’s life forever. With their help and some owls Roy learns to stand up for what he believes in. Explore the adventures of Roy and his, friends, and have a HOOT!!!!!!

Two Minute Drill by Mike Lupica
Two Minute Drill is a book about two kids that are total the opposites, Chris & Scott. Scott is a very smart and Chris is a super athlete. Throughout this book, these two opposite help each other come over their weakness and become friends. Join the thrill ride by reading this book and see how in two minutes a boy can change from genius to a good athlete.

Snowboard Champ by Matt Christopher
Ride the roller coaster of lies with two friends Riley & Matt in the book Snowboard Champ. Throughout this book, Riley gets Matt in trouble without seeing the truth causing their friendship split in half. Matt’s way of getting everything out of his mind was snowboarding with his Uncle Clayton.This turns out to be a great chance for Matt to be a hero.

By Jack Massei

The Bad Beginning
By Lemony Snicket

The Bad Beginning is a book about three kids Violet, Klaus and Sunny. These three children go through a lot of misery. After their parents die and they are forced to live with an evil villain Count Olaf. The kids find out after a couple months that he is after the Baudelaire’s fortune not to take care of them. His plan is too marry Violet and get his nasty hands all over their fortune. If you what to know more about the book and their adventures check it out at your library.

Reptile Room By Lemony Snicket
The second tale of Klaus, Violet and Sunny Baudelaire begins with the children cramped in Mr. Poe’s car heading to their new guardian’s house, Uncle Monty. Once the kids arrived they were told they were going on an expedition to Peru with Monty and his assistant Stephano. The kids quickly realized that Stephano was a disguise for Count Olaf. The kids tried to tell Monty, but Stephano threatens to kill them with a knife. Uncle Monty eventually discovered the truth about Stephano and ripped up Stephano’s, really Count Olaf’s, boat ticket to Peru. When Count Olaf found out that Monty ripped the ticket Count Olaf killed Monty. This book is a page turner. Read it to find out the sad tale of Baudelaire kids.