The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
In December the students finished reading the Invention of Hugo Cabret. On this page you will find some student writing, drawing, conversations and movies. Below is the two final movies from each school about the book. Enjoy!

For the past two months the Brainwaves and the Fantastic Fifteen have been sharing the book together. In each classroom the students have listening, drawing, and exploring history behind this amazing book. Every two weeks the two classrooms come together via Skype (internet phone service) and discuss the book. They have also been sharing some of their writing and their drawings. Below is a video of one of our conversations together.

A Photo Gallery of Students Drawings
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Writing from the Brainwaves in Bridgeport, CT.

Writing from the Fantastic Fifteen
(If you are unable to open the PDF files, there are copies of all the writing below.

The old man said to Hugo, “Fix this mouse because you stepped on it”. So Hugo did it. He started on the body. Then he put all the body parts inside the body. Then he put mouse’s head in front. But the old man was waiting. Then he put the tail on the back. Then he put it down to the desk. Then the mouse was walking. Hugo was happy but the old man was still mad.
Jonathan 11/20/08

In Hugo’s dad was in his dream. His dad was fixing a clock and sitting at his desk. His dad was fixing a lot of clocks. Then Hugo was dreaming about a hand touching his shoulder and the hand looked like a man’s hand. Hugo was dreaming about a clock on a hand of a man’s hand.
The automaton was breaking to pieces in the fire. There was an eye in Hugo’s dream and a hand of an automaton and holding a pen. Hugo was in his dream.
Wilson 11/20/08
Hugo was holding a watch and behind him there was lot’s of gears. Hugo’s father was holding a pen so he could fix the automaton’s gears. Hugo’s father was surrounded by six clocks, and one of the clocks had lots of cracks. There are two eyes, one eye is little and one eye is big. There is a big face holding a pen.
Jean Carlos 11/20/08
Hugo looks at Isabelle and they look at each other face to face. They were really happy and they smile. Hugo and Isabelle have the same hair. Isabelle and Hugo’s hair is short. Isabelle is a girl and Hugo is a boy, but they have the same eyes. Hugo is wearing the same clothes but Isabelle’s is wearing different clothes everyday. Hugo has curly hair but Isabelle has straight hair.
Hugo, Isabelle and Etienne are best friends. Etienne has a patch on his eye. He covers his eye with it. Isabelle has a godmother and a godfather. Their names are Mama Jeanne and Papa Georges. Papa Georges works a toy booth.
Isabelle comes to the train station where Hugo lives. Hugo meets Isabelle in the train station for nobody knows that he lives in the train station. He hides behind the walls. He looks behind him to make sure that nobody comes. Hugo looks sometimes sad.
Isabelle falls down off a chair. Hugo runs and Isabelle follows where he is going. She trips over into a man and falls down. Hugo stops to help her. She runs and Hugo follows her
Beatrice 12/5/08
When Isabelle fell Hugo saw her necklace and said, “Where did you find that necklace?” She would not say anything, but when they went to a closet there was an automaton. Then Hugo put the key in the back of the automaton and it start to work. And then Isabelle said, “How can my grandma’s key fit your automaton. Then he told her he was stealing some pieces from her grandpa’s toy booth.
Marie 12/9/08
Hugo is walking down the steps to go the Subway. He is in the tunnel. He is inside the Subway. In the train Hugo is holding his hand. He is running out of the train. He is going up the steps. He is walking to the Academie Du Cinem Francais and Hugo got to the Academie Du Cinem Francais.
Hugo looked up at the building. The sun was shining on Hugo. His hand was hurting a lot. He was walking on the sidewalk. Two people passed Hugo. People see Hugo running out of the train.
Rauniel 12/9/08

Hugo was running away from the station inspector. He was running and his body was falling up. He heard a window break. Hugo went to the stairs and the station inspector went to the stairs too.
Then Hugo hid. The station inspector was looking for Hugo. Then Hugo got caught and started to run again. Hugo climbed a ladder and the station inspector is still running. Hugo hid again. The station inspector climbed on the ladder. He was looking for Hugo. Hugo started running again. Then Hugo ran to the exit and he made it out.
After the people was around Hugo. Then the station inspector made it to the exit. Hugo was running away from the station inspector again. Then Hugo looked at the station inspector.
Robin 12/11/08

The man is running after Hugo. He is running faster and faster. He is still running. Hugo is afraid of the man. He is running up the stairs. He is screaming at Hugo. Hugo can’t breathe. He is touching the wall. The man is lost chasing Hugo. Hugo is climbing the ladder. He is watching the clock. We can see a shadow in the clock. Hugo looks afraid. His leg is out the door. He is hiding in the crowd of people. He is seen by a strange man. The man is coming through the door. Hugo is very surprised.
Joel 12/11/08
Hugo was running from the station inspector. Hugo’s feet were sweating. He was running because he stole milk from a lady. Hugo’s heart was pounding. He looked back to see if the station inspector was in back of him. Hugo ran up the steps. The station inspector yelled at Hugo. The man said come back here. Hugo rested for a while. The old man grabbed Hugo’s shoulder.
Hugo started to run again, he climbed the steps. He was scared and surprised. He ran into the big clock. The station inspector was looking for Hugo. The station inspector climbed quickly down the stairs while Hugo was running down the hall. Hugo had quickly run away from the station inspector.
Hugo was crashing and bumping into other people. The station inspector tried to grab Hugo’s leg but he didn’t. The station inspector was almost going to fall. He was tired. Hugo went into the little vent. Hugo was very, very scared and very surprised.
Karen 12/11/08
The inspector is chasing Hugo. Hugo runs for his life. The inspector is after Hugo. Hugo looks back but the inspector is still running. Hugo runs up the stairs. The inspector runs up the stairs too. Hugo hides and takes a break. The inspector can’t see Hugo. The inspector looks behind the wall. Hugo runs. The inspector sees Hugo and the inspector runs. Hugo climbed down the ladder. Hugo looks to see if the inspector is here. Somebody is in the clock. Hugo runs fast. Hugo sees the inspector here. The inspector tries to grab Hugo.
Ricardo 12/11/08
Hugo ran away because he took a milk. Hugo ran faster. The station inspector ran after Hugo. He saw Hugo’s back. The station inspector followed Hugo. Hugo ran up the stairs, then the man pointed at Hugo. Hugo was getting tired. The man put his hand out then Hugo ran away. Hugo went up a ladder and into a clock. The man went to the clock and Hugo went outside. Hugo saw that the man was outside. The man almost caught Hugo.
Alejandro 12/11/08

Hugo is running from the inspector. I could see Hugo running from the inspector. I see his shoes and pants. Hugo is looking back to see f the inspector is behind him.
Then Hugo went to the stairs from the inspector. The inspector said, “Wait. I will get you!” Hugo took a break because his feet hurt. His heart was booming. Then Hugo heard the inspectors feet going, ”boom, boom” on the floor. Then the inspector almost got Hugo but Hugo got away. Hugo was running fast. The inspector was running so he could get Hugo.
Hugo climbed the stairs to go to the train station. Hugo was hiding back of the clock. The inspector was looking for Hugo. Hugo ran away again from the inspector. Hugo got out from his house. Hugo was in the train station with a lot of people. He was looking back to see if the inspector got out of the house too. The inspector reached his hand so he could get Hugo. Hugo looked back with his eye. When he wasn’t looking Hugo crashed into a man.
Wilson 12/15/08
I see Hugo running from the inspector. Hugo’s feet are moving as fast as lightning. I see shoes in different places. He is running forward and looking back. He is running up the stairs. The inspector is pointing and yelling at Hugo. He is leaning on the wall and he is tired. The inspector is reaching for Hugo. Hugo ran from him. Hugo is climbing up a ladder. There is someone’s shadow. The inspector is coming from the ladder. He jumped out the window. He is stuck from people. The inspector is reaching for him.
Michael 12/15/08

Writing Pieces from Fantastic Fifteen Hugo Fixing the Mouse
Inside the abyss The of gears and clockwork scrawny dark haired boy hands work like viper slithering at its prey to achieve perfection and to recreate life. As his hands move and twisted the shape of a mouse began to appear. As the boy worked a tall thin man watched in awe as his suspicions where confirmed. The rhythm of a screw driver began to kick in. the grimness in the boys eyes began to soften as he worked. Just at the precise moment the boy set down the repaired work of art on the counter of the toy booth it began to whir as if the mouse had smelled cheese. With the turn of a crank the mechanical mouse started moving in an enchanting circle as the mechanisms inside it began to dance as it whirled around the booth. When it finally came to a screeching halt the man smiled and did nothing more.

Writing Piece of Hugo in the Library
Hugo Cabret walked away from Isabelle, Etienne and into the dark, lonely and musty halls of the library. He looked around as the silentness filled Hugo’s ears. He thought about turning back and just going home but he decided to stay, as the clock ticked away. Eventually at half past four Hugo decided to go back. The floor squeaked in protest as Hugo walked down the halls. But as he was going past the last shelf his legs would not obey him. And suddenly his eye`s slid up without a command from his head, like they had a brain of there own. But when his eyes stopped Hugo suddenly noticed a book on the top left shelf. Hugo hadn’t noticed it before. There in the middle corner of the shelf was a book called Practical Manual Of Card Magic And Elusions.