Hello World,
We are fourth grade students of Lafayette Regional School (K-6) also known as the “Thrilling 13”. All 113 children in the school come from three rural towns in New Hampshire: Franconia, Sugar Hill and Easton. The majestic mountains of Lafayette and Cannon surround our school with an abundance of wildlife such as bears, moose and plenty of birds.
These mountains provide awesome skiing and snowboarding as well as an opportunity to take a hike in the woods. Many of our students do this on a daily basis. During winter, the school on Friday goes skiing or play in another winter sport. Our school also hosts a variety of after school activities ranging from chess to knitting.
The Thrilling 13 does all this and more. Our days are filled tons of reading, math and writing plus a little more excitement. Often the classroom turns into a movie studio and animation set. (The classroom looks like a tornado came through) When we get tired of seeing each other, we will often Skype the Brainwaves in Connecticut. We are always looking for a new classrooms to Skype. Our Skype name is lafayette 41. If Skype doesn't work for your classroom email us at
Cheerio, Good Day, Adios Amigos, Goodbye,

The Thrilling 13 and Mr. Ferguson (formely known as the Fantastic Fifteen


Our class consists 15 young creative minds. This wiki will host our work and serve as a communication between home, school and the global community. We also have a classroom blog which will allow us to have dialogue with classroom around the world. Stay tuned as we continue to develop our web pages.
- The Fourth Grade and Mr. Ferguson