Grant's book review
(all work is student's edited

Snow Treasure
By Marie McSwigan
The book Snow Treasures took place in the worst of times, World War 2 and in the heart of Norway. Peter, Michael, Helga and Lovisa’s mission is to save the town’s gold from the Nazis by riding sleds from their town to the Snake fjord. Each day, these children would sled with gold hidden under their belly to the river. At the river they would bury the gold in the snow by making a snowman over it. Then Uncle Victor can get the gold to his boat. In their many travels to bury the gold, they run into various Nazis. Read this book to find out if they get the gold to their uncle and avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

by Gary Paulsen

Tucket, a young boy, receives a rifle for his birthday. Little does he know that this present will begin a new journey away from his family. In his new life, Tucket becomes Mr. Tuckett and learns how to survive off the land and avoid Indians thanks to the help of Mr. Grimes, a one armed mountain man Mr. Tucket. Join the journeys of Mr. Grimes and Mr. Tucket to see if they survive the wild frontier.

The Lion, the Witch, and the, Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
On an awkward day, four kids find a magical wardrobe that can take them from a hot summer day to a freezing winter day. In this magic kingdom, Narnia , the kids find a beaver family and a lion king which they become friends with. Sadly, the evil witch of Narnia plots to kill them. Read, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to find out if they survive.
By Grant Workman

Where the Red Fern Grows
Desperately, Billy wanted a dog, so he saved penny by penny. Excited like never before Billy bought Big Dan and Little Ann, coon hound puppies. Little Ann is really smart and Big Dan is determined to catch all of the coons. Together Billy and the hounds prepare for a contest and create stories that will make you cry and also make you laugh

Star in the Storm
Maggie and her dog go on various journeys and struggle through huge problems. One of the biggest problems was that Howard Rand wants to kill Maggie’s dog. Sadly on top of that viara gets violently ill. Viara asked Maggie for ice but the only way to get ice is from the ice berg. A minute later Maggie goes out to the ice berg little does Maggie know what awaits her?

The lightning scar on Harry Potter’s forehead is not like an ordinary scar that you get when you fall off of a bike. The scar was caused by a demonic wizard named Voldomort. Most people fear to say Voldomort so they call him “you know who”. .

HARRY POTTER and the Sorcorer’s Stone
Harry’s schooling at the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry started when he was 11 years old. This year was a very peculiar year for the school. Harry and his best friends Ron and Hermione accidently stumbled upon a locked door. Hermione quickly used magic to get their way in before anyone saw them out of bed. The door had a good reason to be locked because a giant three headed dog was sitting in the very room they were in. Harry and Ron just ran, but Hermione noticed something odd; the dogs paw was over a trap door. Hermione thought thought and thought. Was the dog was guarding something? What was it? Read this book to find out what the three headed dog is guarding.!!!