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Robin Book Review(All work is student edited)
By Gordon Korman

The big crowds and the loud noise coming from the boom box; these are some of the things that made Capricorn Anderson and his grandmother, Rain live at the hippie commune. They had lived there all their lives. Until, one day when Rain had slipped and fallen. That was it with the commune for Capricorn. He scrambled into Caverage Middle School. Cap has only been in one day when Zach Powers the most popular kid in school locked on him as his target. With all those pranks Cap had been winning not the fight but the hearts of his peers. Ride the School Bus of kindness and find out how Cap changed their lives.

Lemony Snicket

Have you ever had a bad day? Well Sunny, Clause, and Violet have had a bad life. It all started one foggy afternoon when they were told that their parents had perished. Luckily for them they had a distant relative by the name of “Count Olaf. Unaware of his personality, they took him as a friend. Afterwards he put them through “slavery” until they would surrender their fortune. When the children had enough, they put all the strengths together to stop Olaf and his friends. Throughout this book discover what can happen with a little bit of teamwork.


By Cynthia Lord

Catherine, a 13 year old girl, with too many problems and her biggest yet is not having a friend. The answer to her biggest problem is right in front of her, a 13 year old boy who needs a friend. But the uniqueness of the boy makes the friendship hard to except. Then out of nowhere he invites her to his birthday party. Read to find out how difficult friendship can be.

By Mike Lupica

Jump into this book of secrets and lies and learn that you don’t always get what you want. 12 year old Michael is just about to learn that lesson, when tragedy strikes him and his brother Carlos. Things go bad even with his only love, baseball. Yet his only friends are an old lady and his best friend Manny. A mysterious girl enters the neighborhood bringing hope with her. Will Michael and his brother give up or will they keep on fighting till the end? Read to find out the answer to this mystery.

Skullduggery Pleasant
Derek Landy
Can you imagine a world of magic right at your fingertips? Stephanie a formal 12 year old girl discovers it when she is placed in the hand of a skeleton named “Skullduggery Pleasant”! But just when Stephanie thought she was going through enough she finds out she must save the world. This involves robbing a bank guarded by man-eating vampires. Which is only the beginning. Follow her through these chapters.