Charlie's Book Review
(All work is student edited)

Roderick’s rules (Diary of Wimpy Kid 2)
Jeff Kennedy
A boy named Greg and his brother Roderick weren’t getting along one summer because their mom made Roderick pick up Greg from the swim team. By doing that Greg almost got brain damage but that’s a different story.
Then when school stared nobody went near Greg. He remembered that he still had the cheese touch from last year. Luckily the new kid didn’t have a clue about it so he just past it on.
Roderick made Greg do everything by himself but it wasn’t just Greg he made do everything it was mom and dad to and his 3 year old brother. Roderick was really mean to everybody until something happened.
Well I’ve told you most but the rest is for you to find out so check out this book.
P.S There’s 2 big secrets to be told.

Bailey School Kids: Goblins Don’t Play Video Games
Imagine a goblin being in your school and your friends and you are the only ones that know. In the book Bailey School Kids: Goblins Don’t Play Video Games look forward to the mystery and tricks a goblin plays on the kids such as balls in desks and love letters to the wrong people and not by mistake. Read this book because it is really good.
By Charlie Courtright


The main problem in this book is a 9 year old girl named Clementine has no talent for the school talent show she tried to do tap dancing. Singing an Elvis Presley song but none of them worked. On the night of the talent show one of teachers that was directing the talent show had to leave and without Clementine knowing she had a talent. At the end she gets a BIG surprise!!! But this big surprise is for me to know and for you to find out, so read this book.

The Fairy Chronicles

This book is about 4 fairies named: Marigold, Dragonfly, Thistle, and Firefly. These 4 girls have been fought many battles, but this one is very DANGEROUS compared to all the other ones they have gone through so let me show you what I mean by dangerous.
This book is all about adventure and getting down to business with the problem. The problem is that A web of dreams has been destroyed. They have to go to the dream spider and ask if he will fix the web. When they get there they face magical things such as trolls and other fairies. Well I’ve already told most but not all so the rest is for me to know and for you to find out.