Addy's Book Review

(All work is student edited)

Seekers Erin Hunter
Do you like bears? If you do, Seekers is for you. Written by Erin Hunter, you will find 3 bears fighting for survival in the wild. Kalik, a polar bear, who’s mother was killed by a killer whale thrives in the arctic regions until the ice starts cracking too early. Lusa, a black bear, realizes that the Bear Bowl life is not what she wanted and is sent on a quest to find Toklo. Toklo, a grizzly bear ,finds himself alone without his mother. Kalik starts making her way to shore so she can find a place to stay. Lusa starts looking for Toklo who is somewhere in the wild. Toklo ends up living and growing up by himself. Will Lusa find Toklo and Kalik find land? Read this amazing novel to end your curiosity.

Guardians of Ga`hool: The capture
Kathryn Lasky
Once, in a world where the birds of prey ruled, a small special owl was pushed from the nest. That small little owl’s name was Soren. Soren just being a hatchling did not know how to fly. After a few hours of being on the ground he heard a fury of wings in the sky. The only thing he knew next was the world was spinning by at a dizzy pace and icy talons gripping him. The talons brought him to a canyon where he was left next to a little elf owl. All the while a speech was going on, Soren and Gylfie (the elf owls name) looked up. They were divided into separate groups. And this is only the beginning of the adventure of their live. Read the Guardians of Ga’Hool to learn about their adventure…

Sword Quest by Nancy Ye Fan
Birds, Wings and Dragon things? What would you do about that? Well Nancy Ye Fan has managed to combine those things together and create one high flying book of adventures! Wind Voice, the main character, must face many breathtaking things like fending off archaeopteryxes and his friends being almost cooked alive! In this book you will most likely experience the action in real life just by reading this amazing novel.

By Christopher Paolini
In a mountain range called the Spine a poor farm boy, Eragon, is out hunting. While hunting he stumbles upon a polished blue stone. Eragon thought it would be a very lucky thing for a poor family to trade for some money. But when the stone hatches a sapphire blue dragon emerges. Soon after the stone hatched, Eragon realizes that he has stumbled on a myth millions of years old. Eragon now must decide to go with the old story teller to keep the dragon and go on the journey of his life time, or stay home with his family, get rid of the dragon forever and probably be killed by the Ra`zak and urgals. Will Eragon keep the dragon and go on the adventure of his life? Find out in this cunning novel.

The Deliverers of Their Country By E. Nesbit
Once in England a long time ago a girl named Effie got something in her eye.
Once a boy named Harry got something in his tea.
Once the news-papers had a headline of dragons all over the place.
Once the stores started selling dragon poison instead of rat poison.
Once. Once. Once, In England…………….
Once Effie and Harry got carried away by a big dragon.
Once they escaped the dragons grip and were not eaten alive.
Once Effie and Harry found something in the world that they never could of imagined or thought was real.…
And the rest is for me too know and you to find out……..

Dragon Slippers
Jessica Day George
Once when the lands still bore dragons (but know one believed that they were still around) a poor farm girl was given to a dragon in hope that a knight would come and rescue her. When the knight did come for the girl, Creel, she had made a deal with the dragon, the deal was that if she led the knight away from the dragon, the dragon in return would give Creel a pair of shoes from his hoard. When she did this the knight was angry and rode away with no prize. When the Knight left Creel went the opposite way from the Knight and ended up in a forest full of mysteries. If Creel meets another dragon what will happen if Creel doesn’t will she come out alive? Find out with this amazing book, but be warned dragons walk every page…